OOCL Logistics launches supply chain support centre in Jiangsu

OOCL launches centre in Jiangsu

OOCL Logistics and catering company Yum! China have held opening ceremonies at the new jointly operated Kunshan Supply Chain Support Center in Jiangsu China. The support centre has been equipped with a robotic and automated pick and pack system.

Kunshan is in south-east Jiangsu Province, between Shanghai and Suzhou. The Kunshan Supply Chain Support Center is located north of Jingban Road, Shipai Town, only 3 km away from expressway access. Divided into three separate sections, the Logistics Center has independent loading and unloading platforms and is equipped with an automation system that is meant to facilitate pick-and-place operations and speed up both loading and unloading processes.

Additionally, the storage areas are equipped with various types of racks, including drive in racks, beam racks, as well as automatic movable racks with automated goods picking equipment. ​This mixture of racking types allows it to meet the requirements of Full Pallet, Full Container Load (FCL) and e-commerce operations. By managing its customers’ goods with a proprietary WMS (Warehouse Management System), inventory is controlled based on real-time information on every order, shipment, and cargo movement.

Source: OOCL Logistics