Girteka change identity towards becoming responsible logistics company

Lorry on motorway in motion

Girteka has announced a change of its visual identity as well as move towards Responsible Logistics. It is striving to become a company known for Responsible Logistics and has its principles implemented into its business model: state-of-the-art technologies on its trucks, focus on efficiency, quality, and digitalization.

“The notion of what should make us the first choice is expanding. It no longer means just commercial aspects of our activities, but also extends to environmental, societal and employee well-being commitments. We’re changing our identity not only to show that, but to better understand the client and offer ideas and solutions that positively change the market,” says Edvardas Liachovičius, CEO, Girteka Holding.

The company is also changing its brand positioning, which was developed in partnership with Synthesis Consulting Group.

The new logo introduces a step forward in a brand evolution and presents the company’s commitment to responsible logistics. The commitment is communicated via transformed colour scheme.

New environment inspired colours were introduced: the choice of green represents growth, expansion and denotes company’s focus on sustainable solutions. To signify the company’s long-standing experience, trust and reliability, the new visual identity adopts bright blue colour.

“We’ve long been focused on more than just commercial aspects of our activities as we’ve always been concentrating on environmental, societal and employee well-being commitments. However, we are embarking on a new phase, during which we will focus on sustainability commitments and responsible logistics,” says Simonas Bartkus, Head of Marketing and Communications.

Girteka Logistics is the largest asset-based transportation company in Europe, and it was one of the first road freight transport companies to be given the Green Carrier Certificate by one of its partners, DHL. The certificate was established by the German-based logistics company to certify its subcontractors, increasing the transparency behind its sustainability goals for its stakeholders.

Source: Girteka