Girteka has announced new visibility platform

Girteka Logistics has announced the launch of real-time visibility for all of its customers, showing continuing digitalisation of the company’s processes.

Girteka Logistics will offer real-time visibility solutions to all of its customers, no matter the size of their portfolio of lanes. This is because the company’s new digital platform allows the road freight transport provider to share the location of its trucks associated with a customer’s loads at any time, without any added cost to the customer. This comes after recent news of 2021 finances, showing successful growth.

Girteka has also indicated that together with its partners, the real-time visibility solution can be easily integrated with any of the leading digital supply chain visibility services, enabling smooth integration for Girteka Logistics customers. The solution has been available for its current and potential customers since February 2022, and can be accessed:

  • Via direct links to each individual shipment
  • Via a dashboard on one of its partner’s website to overlook each load
  • Through a customer’s digital supply chain visibility service of their choice, if they have already partnered with such a provider
  • Via a customer’s supply chain management systems by the way of integration with our RTV solution

According Giretka’s COO Sigitas Meilūnas, the solution one of the steps that the company is looking to take to only improve the customer experience with Girteka Logistics’ journey of digitalization, as it moves on from its current systems towards SAP’s Transport Management System (TMS).


Source: Girteka Logistics