Yusen triples cold storage facilities in Hong Kong

Yusen Logistics has tripled its cold storage facilities at Tsuen Wan Logistics Centre in Hong Kong. The company will handle a broad range of food logistics services in Hong Kong.

Yusen Logistics Hong Kong subsidiaries have been engaged in the logistics food business since 2016. The chilled facility at the Tsuen Wan Logistics Centre provides storage at a temperature range between 2˚C and 4˚C and the frozen facility provides storage up to -25˚C. This enables the company to handle a wide range of products, including processed foods, perishable commodities and alcoholic beverages.

In addition, Yusen began storage and delivery of highly difficult-to-handle ice cream, which requires temperature ranges below-20°C from this year. To respond to the increasingly diverse Hong Kong food market, Yusen offers a variety of logistics services that combine ocean and air forwarding services.

Source: Yusen Logistics