Yang Ming signs contract for the construction of ten 2,800 TEU container-ships

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. (Yang Ming) has signed a contract with CSBC Corporation, Taiwan (CSBC) for the construction of a total of ten 2,800 TEU class, container vessels. The new ships will help to meet the future demand for medium and long-term vessel deployments. Yang Ming will take delivery starting in the second quarter of 2020.

The container ships will be deployed in most of the major ports in the Asian region as a response to the growth in the Asian emerging markets. Before the vessels are to be constructed, Yang Ming will be taking delivery of five 14,000 TEU chartered vessels beginning in the fourth quarter 2018 and throughout the first-half of next year. These new container-ships will update Yang Ming’s fleet, in an attempt to provide flexibility and broader service coverage for both long haul and regional services. Yang Ming hopes that the fleet will also provide efficiency, energy savings and lowered unit costs. The renewed fleet is part of the company’s vision to optimize vessel efficiency, enhance competitiveness, and to provide quality service.

With stricter IMO marine environmental regulations coming into effect after 2020, Yang Ming’s new vessels will utilize a sword-type bow design. This could provide benefits such as fuel savings, reduced sulphur content, and a more efficient ballast water treatment system.

This type of vessel will employ the Full Spade Rudder design, an update from previous domestic designs, which is claimed to provide advantages such as high rudder efficiency, energy savings, and reduced eddy current corrosion of the bow and aft. The vessels will also be equipped with ABS NBL grade fully auto-pilot navigation systems to try and improve navigational safety. Additionally, the ships will have global satellite broadband and network layout capabilities for the future era of big ship data management.

Source: Yang Ming