UPS appoints Juan R. Perez Chief Information Officer

UPS announced the appointment of Juan R. Perez as Chief Information Officer effective April 1, replacing Chief Information and Global Business Services Officer Dave Barnes, who elected to retire after 38 years with the company.  Barnes is due to continue with UPS through June 30 to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities.

David Abney, UPS Chief Executive Officer, said of the appointment, “Juan brings great experience across a broad spectrum of business, operational and customer technology areas to the CIO position.” Abney added, “His contributions to UPS have led to greater efficiencies in operations, enhancements to customer service and reductions in environmental impact.  I am confident he will continue UPS’s long history of information systems innovation combined with deep integration in all aspects of UPS’s business.”

Perez has 26 years of UPS experience in US Domestic, International and Supply Chain Solutions (SCS). Most recently, Perez spend the previous 6 years in Information Systems (I.S.) leadership roles ranging from supply chain solutions applications, to operational and customer resource management technologies, as well as overall coordination of I.S activities for multiple international regions.

Dave Barnes, who began his UPS career in St. Louis, US as a part-time package loader in 1977 and held key positions during UPS’s global expansion beginning in the late 1980s.

UPS CEO David Abney, said, “I am honored to have worked closely with Dave for many years,” adding, “Under Dave’s leadership, UPS invested more than $1 billion each year in technology, leading the company to be recognized as one of the world’s most innovative providers of logistics.”

Technology developed under Dave Barnes’ leadership includes the Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD) carried by UPS drivers, advanced package flow technologies, UPS My Choice® mobile solutions, and telematics programs that provide real time updates on UPS vehicles. In addition, he has been responsible for Global Business Services which includes shared services support for human resources, accounting, procurement, and customer contact centres.

Source: UPS