Union Pacific begins construction of rail yard in Texas; single largest investment in a facility

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Union Pacific has started construction of its $550m Brazos Yard in Texas. This represents the largest capital investment in a single facility in the company’s 155-year history.

Brazos Yard will have the capacity to switch up to 1,300 rail cars per day, making it one of the highest capacity yards on Union Pacific’s 23-state network.

Brazos Yard will function as a classification yard where rail cars are separated and sorted by destination before being assembled into new trains headed across the country. The site sits at the convergence of seven Union Pacific rail lines, making it a strategic point for freight rail traffic travelling north, south, east, and west.

Brazos Yard will support customers from a wide variety of sectors, including cross-border traffic, petrochemicals, consumer goods and plastics.

Source: Union Pacific