The Palletways Group opens new regional hub in Verona

Palletways has announced the opening of a new regional hub in Verona, northern Italy, to handle domestic and general cargo offering opportunities to customers of Palletways UK.

The opening of the Verona hub is the fourth hub to open in Italy. Over the last 11 years Palletways has opened hubs in Bologna, Milan and Avellino. This hub will handle domestic cargo and also has the potential to accelerate general cargo traffic to consignors in northern Italy, therefore providing faster routing and better value to customers in the UK.

Located in the centre of the Veneto region, the hub is based between the A4 in Turin Trieste and the A22 in Brennero Modena. This hub will offer opportunities to Palletways UK, with at least 30 Palletways Italia members situated in the Veneto region. Members will no longer have to travel to Bologna for collections or deliveries, reducing costs and travel time. The Verona region is also seen as a gateway for access to Austria and Germany.

The new regional hub will be supported by Palletways’ IT platform and customer service operation, enabling real time visibility of all consignments throughout their journey.

Rob Gittins, Managing Director for the Palletways UK, said, “This investment gives UK customers greater access to Italian markets and means that deliveries to central Europe are now even more accessible and cost-effective, enhancing our existing service. Combined with our commitment to innovation, technology and customer service excellent, hub expansion gives us the foundation for further growth and attract new members and customers to our network. This is a further sign that Palletways has firmly established itself in Italy and European markets and continues to develop successfully.”

Source: Palletways