A collection of podcasts covering a range of issues and new developments within the logistics industry.

Ti and Upply Webinar: European Road Freight Rate Development Benchmark Webinar

Join Ti’s analysts and Upply experts for the European Road Freight Rate Development Benchmark Webinar and hear the experts talk through European pricing trends based on real rate data.




Ti Podcast: Pressing challenges facing the global logistics industry

Although everyone’s talking about autonomous vehicles, digital markets and drones, there are far more pressing problems facing the industry right now.






Ti Podcast: Counterfeit goods in supply chains

A little talked about issue is the use of post and parcel networks for the movement of counterfeit goods around the world and the role of hubs such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai.





Ti Podcast: Governments and operators must do more to address driver shortages

Ti-Insight’s Chief Executive, John Manners-Bell, recently addressed the Girteka Client Day in Copenhagen, speaking to an audience of logistics and supply chain professionals drawn from some of Europe’s largest manufacturers and retailers.





Ti Podcast: Last mile alternative delivery solutions

The rapid growth in the volume of online sales has forced a rethink of the B2C last mile delivery model. Ti’s CEO John Manners-Bell explains why, and identifies popular alternative delivery options that are being used.






SupplyChainBrain Podcast: Inventory Is ‘Evil’? Not So Fast

Ti’s CEO John Manners-Bell recently sat down with The SupplyChainBrain’s Robert Bowman to discuss the factors that are driving an increase in inventory levels. 





Ti Podcast: Circular Fashion: what it means and its implications for logistics operators

Fashion supply chains are on the verge of a major transformation which will have dramatic effects on the associated logistics industry. 

    fashion supply chains




Ti Podcast: Health & Wellbeing: Best and worst practice in the warehouse sector

Many logistics operators are now focusing on employee health and wellbeing as a competitive advantage and differentiator which can only be positive for long-term development.







Ti Podcast: Retailers tearing up the inventory management rule book

In order to compete against Amazon, many retailers are adopting an ‘inventory availability at all costs approach’.







Ti Podcast: Inventory Benchmarking Vertical Sector Trends

Ti’s CEO John Manners-Bell and Quantitative Analyst Andy Ralls discuss Ti’s new report Inventory Benchmarking Vertical Sector Trends.







Ti Podcast: Changing supply chain strategies of consumer goods manufacturers: 

There are signs that the inventory management strategies of the major consumer goods manufacturers are starting to change. John Manners-Bell discusses how and why.








Ti Podcast: The future of freight forwarding: 

Ti’s Head of Commercial Development, Michael Clover and Head of Research, Nick Bailey, discuss the future of freight forwarding and the key findings of Ti’s new Global Freight Forwarding 2019 Report.








Ti Talks with Absolute Strategy research

Five-part series with ASR talks Global Logistics & Trade. Each call can now be downloaded and listened to by following the link below:











Ti Talks Disruption in the Logistics Industry

In this video, Ti’s Chief Executive, Professor John Manners-Bell, author of Introduction to Global Logistics, discusses major disruptive technologies to the logistics industry, such as Amazon and drones.

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Ti Talks Technological Innovations in the Transport and Warehouse Industry

In this video, Ti’s Chief Executive, Professor John Manners-Bell, author of Introduction to Global Logistics, discusses how drones and driver-less vehicles will impact the warehouse industry.

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Ti Talks Supply Chain Globalization

In this video, Ti’s Chief Executive, Professor John Manners-Bell, author of Introduction to Global Logistics, discusses how globalization and Brexit will affect supply chains.

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Ti Talks with SupplyChainBrain

Brexit hands

Ti’s Chief Executive, Professor John Manners-Bell discusses “Life After Brexit: The Future of U.K. Supply Chains”

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Ti Talks Food Supply Chain Vulnerability

food supply chain RQVulnerability of the food supply chain is one of the hottest topics in the international food industry. Those vulnerabilities are not limited to breaches of physical security, theft and malicious contamination by ideologues, extortionists, criminals or terrorists.  Ti’s CEO, Professor John Manners-Bell discusses with RQA’s Managing Director, Vince Shiers Wednesday 7th December 2016. 2pm GMT.


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Ti Talks with The Postal Hub about Global Express & Small Parcels

Ti’s Economist, David Buckby, and one of the report’s authors, joins Ian Kerr of The Postal Hub to discuss:

    • – Who are the new competitors entering the parcel delivery market?
      – What increased competition means for profitability
      – Delivery to metropolitan areas compared to rural delivery
      – Predictions for growth
      – Cross-border parcels, including the China-Russia deal involving the local postal operators

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Ti and Upply Webinar: European Road Freight Rate Development Benchmark Webinar