By John Manners-Bell

June 25th 2019

Ti’s CEO John Manners-Bell and Quantitative Analyst Andy Ralls discuss Ti’s new report Inventory Benchmarking Vertical Sector Trends.


Inventory Benchmarking Vertical Sector Trends is available to download today. To find out more click here.

The report, a critical benchmark for inventory management, compares many of the world’s leading manufacturers and retailers against key financial supply chain metrics.

In particular it:

  • Defines the key ratios available from financial disclosures
  • Conducts a by-industry vertical sector analysis of inventory management and benchmarking data for the high tech, automotive, retail, pharmaceutical, fashion and consumer goods industries
  • Examines the supply chain and inventory management strategies of selected blue chip companies with reference to these benchmarks
  • Where available, examines the different types of inventory held by these companies and how these have changed
  • Compares and contrasts the performance of these companies.

The report also includes exclusive access to an online data pack with interactive charts, tables and downloadable data.