Schneider and CSX Transportation agree on new rail contract

Schneider has announced that it has agreed to a new multiyear agreement with CSX Transportation under which the railroad will continue to serve as one of Schneider’s primary rail providers. The agreement sustains the ability for Schneider to serve the Eastern United States as the demand for intermodal transportation increases.

CSX became Schneider’s primary Eastern rail provider in 2008. Since then, the organizations have delivered “truck-like” service to shippers. The agreement provides Schneider customers with capacity and operational interfaces that are designed to increase accessibility and efficiency of rail moves. Additionally, capital investments that CSX has made in projects such as the Northwest Ohio Intermodal Terminal have facilitated expanded service offerings to the most Eastern origins and destinations.

Dean Piacente, vice president-intermodal of CSX Transportation, commented: “We believe intermodal is a critical solution for supply chain optimization as it provides shippers with access to scalable capacity and sustainable savings.”

He added: “There is significant opportunity to optimize modal selection and convert freight from highway to rail in the Eastern U.S. CSX continues to invest in the intermodal growth opportunity, and we are excited to extend our relationship with Schneider as they truly are a premier intermodal provider.”

Source: Schneider