Roland Corporation Adopts project44 for Supply Chain Visibility


project44, a supply chain visibility platform, has announced that Roland Corporation has chosen Movement by project44 as its solution for supply chain visibility. Roland, known for manufacturing electronic musical instruments, aims to use Movement to improve visibility in ocean transportation, enhance on-time delivery, and streamline logistics processes for better efficiency.

Roland ships around 4,000 containers annually to ports globally, spanning North America, Europe, and Asia. To improve the adaptability and responsiveness of its supply chain, the company assessed freight visibility solutions based on criteria such as real-time global tracking, data accuracy, and port status visualization. Movement met Roland’s evaluation standards.

Mr. Morihisa Nakamura, Manager of the Supply Planning and Operation Group at Roland, highlighted the disruptions caused by the pandemic and other unforeseen events, impacting delivery performance and increasing their team’s workload. He expressed the need for advanced visibility offered by project44 to operate more efficiently and predictably in the supply chain.

With Movement in use, Roland anticipates better freight planning. By consolidating data from various modes and locations onto a single platform, they expect a 30% reduction in logistics workload. This consolidation will also facilitate timely communication and feedback to freight forwarders on shipment routes based on real-time transportation visibility and analytics from project44.

Yuji Kuwahara, project44’s GM and VP of Sales in Japan, emphasized their commitment to innovation for customer benefit. They aim to provide advanced insights and automation, transcending basic modal visibility to simplify intricate supply chain challenges. The partnership with Roland aims to create a more resilient supply chain, focusing on enhancing customer experiences while driving cost savings and efficiency.

Source: project44