Rhenus Weserport builds rail loading facility with Nabaltec

Rhenus Weserport , the port agency and a member of the Rhenus Group, previously focused on transferring cargo from seagoing ships onto lorries and inland waterway ships. However, due to its recent partnership with Nabaltec AG, Rhenus Weserport is now extending its existing railway line.

Weserport is currently expanding its existing railway line to enhance its rail loading facility in Germany’s southernmost seaport. This facility will be utilised for shipping imported aluminum hydroxide and aluminum oxide.

Nabaltec AG, a supplier of eco-friendly flame retardant fillers and specialty alumina to global markets, aims to bolster its capability to acquire aluminum hydroxide and aluminum oxide. These materials are vital for its product portfolio and are sourced from smelters in Europe, Brazil, and potentially worldwide, based on cost and quality considerations.

Due to cost advantages offered by German ports over Dutch and Belgian ports, Nabaltec ships these materials to Germany by sea. Storage in Bremen aims to ensure a reliable supply.

The decision to route aluminum hydroxide and aluminum oxide through Rhenus Weserport was driven by factors such as the existing railway line, a direct link to oceangoing traffic, and available loading and storage facilities. The extension of the supplier portfolio is aims to bring cost benefits, allowing Nabaltec to maintain competitiveness.

Aluminum hydroxide serves as a flame retardant in plastic cables, while aluminum oxide is utilizsed in the production of technical ceramics, refractory, and polishing industries.

Rhenus Weserport has already begun shipping goods for Nabaltec and, by expanding its rail cargo facilities, aims to position itself for future growth in new markets. 

While awaiting the completion of the new fully automated rail loading system in Terminal 4, Nabaltec is using Terminal 2 temporarily. The licensing procedure and construction process for the alterations to Terminal 4 are underway, with the new system scheduled to be operational by the end of 2024. With these expansions, Nabaltec aims to ship 70,000 to 140,000 tons of aluminum hydroxide and aluminum oxide annually.

The contractual agreement between Rhenus Weserport and Nabaltec spans 10 years, with an option to extend the term.

Source: Rhenus