Rhenus establishes Green Steel Hub

Rhenus warehouse france

The Rhenus Group announced the establishment of a Green Steel Logistics Hub for steel handling at its Dortmund site. Set to commence operations in autumn 2024, the aim of this initiative is to handle and transport steel in an environmentally conscious manner. 

Rhenus, a specialist in logistics, is implementing sustainability measures across its operations. In Dortmund, a transshipment hub is being developed as part of this effort, aimed at facilitating a sustainable and low-emission supply chain for steel-related businesses. The project involves modernising an existing warehouse, including installing a solar panel unit covering approximately 4,000 sqm to generate electricity for various operations, such as crane equipment, the building, and charging infrastructure for electric trucks.

Furthermore, Rhenus has ordered 4 electric trucks for last-mile operations between the terminal and customers. Primarily targeting the market for rolled and flat steel, the Green Steel Logistics Hub will aim to enable the distribution of steel in the Dortmund region and the eastern Ruhr valley with reduced CO2 emissions. The hub is located at the Mathieshafen port facility in Dortmund, in aims to offer efficient transportation connections via motorways and waterways in the Ruhr valley.

The location allows for steel transportation from major seaports to Dortmund using waterway shuttle services, followed by inland distribution using electric trucks. Furthermore, Rhenus plans to introduce an inland waterway fleet in aims to  reduce emissions. 

Electric trucks will deliver steel products to customers within a 50 km radius of Dortmund, charging at modern electric charging points at the Green Steel Logistics Hub.

The project receives support from the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transportation under the Programme to Support Light and Heavy Commercial Vehicles with Alternative, Climate-Friendly Drive Systems and Associated Fuel and Charging Infrastructure.

Source: Rhenus