Purolator launches Mobile Quick Stop service

Purolator has introduced a new service called Mobile Quick Stop, the first of its kind in Canada. Its aim is to provide consumers, online retailers and businesses, convenience when delivering to and picking up packages in city centres this Christmas.

Located in four regions; the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, Montreal and Metro Vancouver, Canada, Mobile Quick Stop will act as community-based access points. Consumers in these areas will receive a “doorknocker” alerting them to a delivery attempt at their home, if the parcel cannot be delivered, the consumer can pick up their packages from a “pickup spot” rather than waiting for another attempt or travelling to retrieve their parcel. 10 Mobile Quick Stop trucks have taken up residence in four of Canada’s busiest cities to serve as package pickup spots. The Mobile Quick Stops are located close to residents’ homes and places of work and are open evenings, when consumers are more likely to have the time to pick up packages.

The concept was piloted in Toronto’s Liberty Village and Scarborough Junction, Canada, earlier this year. The locations for the 10 trucks are in the busiest locations and were identified by Purolator reviewing shipment volume and traffic to its retail stores against cities’ population densities. The company plans to expand the service to more Canadian neighbourhoods in 2019.

John Ferguson, President and CEO, Purolator, said, “Purolator picks up and delivers more than 10 million packages across Canada during the holidays. Our Mobile Quick Stops save valuable time for consumers who are picking up packages during the busiest shopping season of the year. They also unlock new potential for online retailers and businesses, helping them get their products to city centres quickly and efficiently.”

Source: Purolator