project44 and Celonis Partner to Enhance Supply Chain Efficiency


project44, a supply chain visibility platform, has announced a partnership with Celonis, known for its expertise in process mining. This collaboration aims to enhance visibility and streamline processes within the supply chain. The focus is on enabling users to make better-informed decisions without the use of jargon or exaggerated claims.

By combining Celonis’ process mining capabilities with project44’s real-time supply chain visibility, the goal is to assist customers in managing risks and operating proactively. Rather than employing marketing language, the aim is to provide practical solutions for businesses seeking to strengthen their supply chains and improve customer experiences.

project44 utilises global industry data to aid in smarter routing decisions and deliver real-time insights across various transportation modes. Meanwhile, Celonis offers a digital representation of company processes to identify opportunities for improvement without resorting to flashy descriptions.

The partnership between project44 and Celonis aims to enable users to prevent delays, ensure compliance, and efficiently handle exceptions within their operations. It’s about delivering practical benefits like improved on-time delivery and inventory optimisation by leveraging visibility to identify shipment delays and predict impacts on order fulfilment.

Jett McCandless, project44’s Founder and CEO, emphasises the complementarity of their capabilities and the shared focus on customer value. There’s an emphasis on the ability to provide deeper insights into supply chain operations, enhancing visibility and predictive capabilities without exaggerating the impact.

Alex Rinke, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Celonis, stresses the importance of accuracy, efficiency, and transparency in global supply chains. The goal is to make process intelligence a reality without employing marketing buzzwords, highlighting the practical implications of their partnership.

Ultimately, the partnership between project44 and Celonis seeks to enhance supply chain operations and make processes more effective, without relying on marketing language to convey their goals.


Source: project44