NZ Post adds first hydrogen truck to its fleet

NZ Post has added a Hyundai Xcient fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) to its fleet, making it the company’s first hydrogen truck.

The NZ Post Hyundai Xcient FCEV was unveiled at an event held at the post’s Auckland Operations Centre. This is the first of five Xcient hydrogen trucks Hyundai Motors brought into New Zealand in 2021. It has undergone several modifications to become road-ready and will be fully commercially operational when the validation process is complete.

Based on typical heavy vehicle mileage, the company has calculated that one FCEV in operation will avoid the equivalent CO2  of around 100 fossil fuel light vehicles. Investing in hydrogen fuel cell technology forms part of NZ Post’s goal to be a fully carbon-neutral business by 2030 and achieve its science-based target of reducing carbon emissions between 2022 and 2030. 

David Walsh, CEO of NZ Post, said, “Bringing a hydrogen truck into the fleet is an exciting milestone. We are very proud to be leading the way by putting the country’s first hydrogen truck into commercial operation. Sustainability is a big deal to all of us at NZ Post and we see hydrogen technology as one way to contribute to reducing emissions within New Zealand’s road freight sector.”

Source: NZ Post