Nippon Express launches ultra-low temperature-controlled service

Middle East

Nippon Express Co. has launched a logistics service capable of handling goods requiring ultra-low temperatures (-20°C to -85°C) for the pharmaceutical industry.

The NX Group has highlighted the pharmaceutical industry as a priority industry in its business growth strategy and is moving forward in developing quality control systems and improving its business infrastructure both inside and outside Japan in accordance with the Good Distribution Practices established for pharmaceuticals.

Nippon Express has previously provided a pharmaceutical distribution platform service with strict temperature control in two ranges – 2°C to 8°C (refrigerated) and 15°C to 25°C (constant-temperature). The group stated it has now introduced innovations that will enable it to now handle goods requiring ultra-low temperatures in the -20°C to -85°C range.

These innovations hope to enable ultra-low temperature storage and transport of pharmaceutical products at the research and development stage and in the formulation process. Nippon Express is now able to offer temperature-controlled logistics services for a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical commodities, including raw materials, intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as finished products.

Going forward, Nippon Express will continue expanding and developing its services globally to meet demands for increasingly sophisticated and diversified end-to-end pharmaceutical logistics services.

Source: Nippon Express


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