Nippon Express’ Tarusaka distribution centre begins operations

Nippon Express

Nippon Express announced it has launched operations at the NX Yokkaichi Tarusaka distribution centre in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture. The centre is one of a number of business locations that are being expanded by Nippon Express to meet semiconductor demands. 

The Nippon Express Group has positioned the semiconductor industry as a key industry in its “Nippon Express Group Business Plan 2023: Dynamic Growth” and is developing business locations so that end-to-end solutions for semiconductor supply chains can be made available globally.

The Hokusei region of Mie Prefecture, which includes Yokkaichi City, is an active production area featuring concentrations of companies from diverse industries, including semiconductor and automotive manufacturers, as well as international hub ports (Yokkaichi Port and Nagoya Port) and an expressway network.

The NX Yokkaichi Tarusaka Logistics Centre sits adjacent to a major semiconductor manufacturer’s plant, has ready access to the Higashi-Meihan Expressway. Each floor and section is standardly equipped with air conditioning and security equipment and the warehouse has its own emergency power system, helping to ensure the facility operates round the clock.

The Nippon Express Group stated that it is committed to stepping up its efforts on behalf of the semiconductor industry and to further expanding its logistics functions globally to help customers develop their business activities.

Source: Nippon Express