Maersk’s dedicated block train from China arrives in Poland


On January 23, 2021, Maersk’s 41-container-long block train left the Chinese city of Yiwu, Zhejiang province to travel to the intermodal terminal in Małaszewicze, Poland. The containers carried PPE procured by Zarys International Group, a Polish medical supplies provider, commissioned by the Polish Material Reserves Agency.

The Material Reserves Agency is a Polish national institution that purchases, stores, and distributes strategic reserves. Its supply of medical reserves includes medicines, vaccines, disinfectants, protective clothing, and all other medical equipment currently needed in the fight against COVID-19.  PPE carried by Maersk’s new block train will be distributed to medical institutions across the country.

“We are always committed to making specific transportation arrangements for our local customers and such an important project required extra dedication. We are very proud of our teams in Asia and Europe, who moved mountains to make this delivery possible, so we could keep our promise”, said Justyna Barycza, Customer Experience Manager and Poland Country Representative at Maersk.

During 2020, Maersk arranged a total of 209 intercontinental trains from China to European countries, including Germany, France, Sweden, Poland, Belarus and Russia and has increased its footprint in Turkey and Georgia. The company has also expanded its sea-rail-sea product (the AE19 service), which became a permanent product in October 2020, after being launched in the eastbound direction in March 2020, connecting North European origins with several destination ports in Asia.

The block train from Yiwu, China arrived at Małaszewicze, Poland on February 8, 2021. The train carried a total of 41 high cube containers.

Source: Maersk