Maersk opens new Global Service Centres in Mexico and Brazil

Maersk announced opening of a new Global Service Centres (GSC) for the Americas Region, based in Mexico City, Mexico, with a dedicated satellite centre in Santos, Brazil. These new locations will combine talent availability across functions and disciplines in areas such as customer experience, finance, process management, technology, and data/analytics to provide high-quality support and a unique experience to customers. The centres will create over 700 new positions in 2023, with a plan to scale up to 1,300 positions by 2025.

The Maersk GSC plays a critical role in delivering customer outcomes and enables decision making and prioritization.  In 2022, Maersk witnessed exponential growth in Latin America as part of its strategy to become a global integrator in container logistics. The Americas-based GSC will bring regional expertise to support customers’ growing needs, with English, Spanish, and Portuguese language support, scalable talent availability, and process standardization.

“We have consistently prioritized our customers’ and business’ needs and these new centres allow us to take this ambition even further. The GSC in the Americas will have many exciting opportunities to reshape the way teams within Maersk work together and create success through collaboration beyond boundaries.” says Mohit Bhatia, Head of Global Service Centres.

Maersk is on a journey to integrate container logistics across all transport modes, partnering with its customers to navigate, simplify and decarbonise their supply chains across a global scope.  As a result, Maersk increasingly offers integrated logistics solutions to customers beyond its ocean offering, developing a solid logistics footprint and providing complete end-to-end services based on specific customer demands.

The Maersk GSC’s competencies have grown in the last few years by being an integrated part of delivering strategic business growth. Maersk GSC teams interact with multiple stakeholders across Maersk to enable about 30m touchpoints per year with over 59,000 customers.It is spread across India (Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and Pune), China (Chengdu, Chongqing) and the Philippines (Manila), with a small hub in Morocco (Tangier). The Americas-based centre will bring Maersk closer to its customers in the region, providing multi-language support and regional expertise.

Source: Maersk