Lidl to install new parcel lockers at 15 stores

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Lidl is to install new parcel lockers at 15 more stores in Flanders and Brussels in association with logistics provider bpost. The retailer will set up twenty-six parcel lockers which will be used to send parcels as well as receive orders. Bpost will group the shipments by parcel locker site and deliver them all together in the hope of lowering CO2 emissions. Additionally, the lockers do not consume electricity.

Some parcel lockers will be accessible 24/7, whilst others will be available during store opening hours only, depending on store location. They will be installed at the entrance to each store, and shipments from Lidl’s online store are expected to be delivered to the lockers within 72 hours, at the cost of €3.99.

Customers will be able to make an order and pay for them online, and can then collect their online shopping of non-food products from both Lidl and other retailers. Once the parcel is delivered, customers can use the My bpost app to open the correct parcel locker. Through this system, bpost is hoping to provide a simple and efficient delivery method. By increasing its parcel locker network, Lidl believes that the combination of an online store, parcel lockers and brick-and-mortar stores will complement each other well.

Since 2019, around 5,000 shipments are already being delivered to parcel lockers at six different Lidl’s locations every month. Lidl’s spokesperson Isabelle Colbrant commented: “An in-house study shows that one in three customers shops at Lidl after picking up their parcel. Furthermore, 82% of respondents want to use parcel lockers in the future”. By expanding the availability of parcel lockers, Lidl hope to use its delivery system more intensively and to strengthen its supermarket network.

Moving forward, Lidl looks to consider further expansion by installing parcel lockers in additional municipalities in Brussels and Wallonia.

Source: bpost 


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