Leroy Merlin selects XPO Logistics for its logistics hub in the Great West Region, France

XPO Logistics has been awarded a contract for the management of Leroy Merlin’s new site planned near Angers in the Great-West Region. Leroy Merlin, an international home improvement and gardening retailer, is building a 42,000 sq m logistic hub which is expected to be complete by the end of 2018 and start operation in January 2019.

Handling storage, order preparation, cross-docking and distribution of products to Leroy Merlin Stores, XPO will look to increase operational efficiencies to respond to Leroy Merlin’s ‘growth challenges’. The new site will result in the employment of 150 people, over three years, adding to its global workforce of more than 88,500. With the logistics hub, Leroy Merlin hopes to better serve the needs of its customers in the West of France. 

Richard Cawston, managing director–supply chain, XPO Logistics Europe, said, “We are delighted to support Leroy Merlin in the implementation and management of the Angers platform. We already partner with our customer on transport operations, and this new agreement extends our collaboration.”

Source: XPO Logistics