K+N to act as link between Shanghai and Taicang Ports

Kuenhe + Nagel

Kuehne + Nagel has signed a strategic co-operation with Jiangsu Taicang Port Authority and Shanghai Port Authority Zhenghe Terminal to promote a sea link between the two Chinese ports.

The Port of Taicang is located on the Yangtze River estuary, close to Shanghai, and is considered to be a significant satellite port to Shanghai Yangshan port. Kuehne + Nagel will co-operate with both port authorities to support the existing shuttle service, part of the Jiangsu Provincial Government’s strategic development plan to bring greater attention to the Taicang Port area. The sea link aims to reduce emissions by serving as a greener alternative to trucking between Jiangsu and Shanghai, which will also reduce traffic on Shanghai’s congested roads. The local government is aiming to showcase Taicang as an international satellite port in an attempt to aggregate higher traffic at Shanghai Yangshan port.

Source: Kuehne + Nagel