Jean-Baptiste Rambaud Appointed as CEO of Bolloré Logistics Middle East

Bolloré Logistics

Bolloré Logistics has announced that Jean-Baptiste Rambaud has been appointed as CEO of Bolloré Logistics Middle East.

Based in Dubai, he will work toward the development of the region. He also aims to launch new projects to drive the company’s growth in several key sectors such as Aerospace, Healthcare, Luxury goods, and Food & Reefer.

Jean-Baptiste joined the Bolloré Group in 2003, where he oversaw different Operations and Commercial departments across Africa (Kenya, DRC, Zambia, Mozambique, Nigeria). For the last three years, Jean-Baptiste held the position of Sales & Marketing Director for Bolloré Logistics Middle East & South Asia.

His appointment as CEO for Middle East reflects the company’s commitment to leadership that is rooted in experience and a deep understanding of the industry. Jean-Baptiste’s leadership is expected to steer the company through the evolving landscape of logistics, marked by digital transformation, sustainability concerns, and global trade complexities.

Source: Bolloré Logistics