Imperial and Deutsche Bahn support BMW’s switch from road to rail in Germany

Imperial Automotive Logistics and DB Netze have signed an agreement which makes clear the responsibilities for operating new railway sidings at BMW’s spare parts warehouse in Wallersdorf.

Imperial is managing 178,000 sq m of the manufacturer’s 208,000 sq m warehouse. The LSP manages incoming goods, storage, picking, packing and outgoing goods. DB Netze is relocating the railway sidings, connecting the warehousing to the route network operated by Netze on two sides and linking it to the line that runs between Landshut and Plattling.

As many as four trains a day are due to travel from the BMW Group’s largest spare parts warehouse in the world to the port of loading and back. It is estimated that 17,500 fewer truck journeys will be made per year as a result.

Thomas Grupp, Head of Central Spare Parts Sales in the BMW Group, said: “We’re delighted that our parts warehouse in Wallersdorf is now being connected to the main network of routes operated by DB Netz AG, as planned. The sidings and the associated switch in the means of transport to rail services will significantly reduce the volume of truck traffic and therefore CO2 emissions.”

Christian Seidl, Director Automotive/Western Europe at Imperial, commented: “When the warehouse is working at full capacity, as many as 100 freight containers will leave the parts centre heading for the port of loading every day. Thanks to the new sidings, we can load the container consignments on to railway wagons inside the building.”

Source: Imperial Logistics