Hoyer Group starts development on container terminal

HOYER Dupré Logistics join

Hoyer is aiming to expand Supply Chain Solutions operations in Germany by investing €8m into a 10,000 sq m site to create a container terminal.

The Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) business site is in Dormagen, Germany. SCS developed the plans for the building in accordance with the requirements of Bayer AG, for whom Hoyer already works with at the location. The future site provides space for 624 swap bodies or 20′ tank containers and will have six bays with connections for container heating. A ground-controlled portal crane will allow easy shunting. The terminal will comply with the highest safety standards, and is expected to begin operations at the end of 2019.

The location in Dormagen Chempark will contribute to cost reduction and will simplify production and logistics processes for Bayer AG. Liquid-filled tank containers will be held in intermediate storage on the terminal site until needed to supply production plants. Outside storage will be eliminated and logistics costs will be reduced because of the proximity to the production plants.

Source: Hoyer