Hödlmayr reports record annual revenues

In the 2016 financial year, Hödlmayr achieved record sales revenues of €265m.

The company CEO stated: “In spite of truly demanding general conditions, we were able to raise our sales by eight per cent over the previous year.” In 2016, Hödlmayr handled a total of 1.75m vehicles of which an increasing number were transported by rail, as apart from 740 special transports, fifteen block trains were in operation.  

Hödlmayr is operating as a releasing agent at six automotive plants and in Q3 2017 will add Jaguar to this list, serving the company at the Magna plant in Graz.   

One of the company’s current investment focal points relates to the expansion of rail capacity. The CEO stated: “With five new block trains, we are increasing our transport potential in this area by more than 30%. The new wagons also have infinitely adjustable upper loading beds, which permits the problem-free transport of SUVs.” The expansion in rail logistics hardware is being accompanied by the addition of personnel resources.  

Hödlmayr perceives challenges from the consolidation processes among manufacturers, such as that involving the PSA Group’s takeover of Opel, but also from increasing connectivity, autonomous driving, shared and services, and e-mobility (CASE).