GXO to manage logistics for Fluidra


GXO has announced that it has won a contract to operate Fluidra’s first distribution centre in France. Fluidra, which operates in the pool and wellness industry, hopes that the facility will improve the service level and quality of deliveries to its customers in France and Belgium.

GXO’s Managing Director France Bernard Wehbe commented: “We are delighted to provide our advanced logistics services for Fluidra’s first distribution centre in France. We are using our vast experience and expertise to optimize Fluidra’s distribution centre operations, lowering its costs and providing improved service and quality to its customers.”

Prior to awarding this contract to GXO, Fluidra serviced its markets in France and Belgium from distribution centres in Spain. Fluidra is changing its distribution model for France and Belgium to improve its service for both markets and has now partnered with GXO to implement a local distribution centre outside Lyon.

Source: GXO