GXO reduces UK National Highways costs by 28%


GXO has reported that it has helped the UK’s National Highways reduce costs by 28% through improved storage, inventory tracking and delivery accuracy since the contract began in 2010. National Highways is responsible for operating, maintaining, and improving motorways and major A roads and setting highway standards. GXO’s end-to-end logistics solution includes a dedicated weekly delivery service to the 10 Regional Stores as well as support for the new requirement for asset temperature testing to ensure highway safety in the changing climate.

GXO Managing Director for UK and Ireland Gavin Williams commented: “We’re pleased to continue our 12-year partnership with National Highways, helping manage and continuously improve England’s strategic road network. Working closely with National Highways’ Regional Stores, we have consistently exceeded delivery and collection targets, achieving a standard of 99% OTIF (On Time In Full). From administration of road salt deliveries to IT development, we’re working with National Highways to make motorways safer, smoother, and more reliable while also delivering meaningful savings.”

GXO stated that since launching the partnership, GXO has supported National Highways in reducing costs in a variety of ways. Beginning with storage of spare parts for motorway projects, GXO has steadily extended its services, which now include storing all products road users might benefit from on a motorway, from message signs, telephones and gantries to underground cables and weather station consolidation.

GXO vehicles distribute spares parts nationwide on a weekly basis to 10 Regional Stores, including replenishment of orders. GXO employees manage stock at these Stores. GXO services also include the management of inventory, product testing and overseeing of repairs.

Source: GXO