GXO extends partnership with Groupe SEB in U.K.

GXO has announced that it has extended its partnership with Groupe SEB by offering additional warehouse space to enable sustainable growth. The company is based in France, and is a manufacturer of small domestic appliances and cookware sold through multi-format retailing in more than 150 countries.

Managing Director of GXO UK and Ireland Gavin Williams said: “We’re excited to extend our longstanding partnership with Groupe SEB as they continue to grow their business. With our commitment to continuous improvement, we’re helping Groupe SEB’s omnichannel business provide an outstanding customer experience in the UK and Ireland with our custom end-to-end supply chain solutions. We’ve successfully deployed a proprietary Warehouse Management System, and in 2023 GXO will implement additional automation and technology options — including autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), wearable scanners and printers and a boom conveyor belt — that will enable multistore picking, reducing in-aisle travel for retail by up to 50% and further improving pick accuracy. We’re committed to helping Groupe SEB to continue expanding its omnichannel business.”

GXO uses the 220,000 sq ft space in West Hallam dedicated to Groupe SEB to receive and store the company’s product from Asia and Europe. GXO also processes, picks and ships orders for the company, handling up to 6,500 items per day and generating significant cost savings as well as providing the ability to quickly scale operations to support Groupe SEB’s growth.

GXO’s partnership with Groupe SEB started in 2008 with the stockholding of 9,000 to 12,000 pallets per week, and the activity has grown rapidly since then. Today, GXO provides stockholding across five locations to support peak stockholding levels required by Groupe Seb. Over the past year, GXO’s high level of stock accuracy has enabled the elimination of the annual stock count, reducing inventory management costs and the operational impact. GXO has helped Groupe SEB expand efficiently and now manages products from 11 previous storage locations into a single site solution.


Source: GXO