Grundfos to Reduce Emissions with GEODIS’ Alternative Fuel Offering


Grundfos is a water technology company, delivering solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges. 

Dirk van der Heijden, senior director of global freight, explains: “Every year Grundfos ships more than 20,000 containers across the oceans, and it is our ambition to do this in a more sustainable manner. The use of alternative fuels allows us to decarbonize and decrease our own emission levels, while at the same time stimulate the freight industry towards a sustainable future.

The GEODIS Sustainable Fuel Program aims to replace fossil fuels with alternative and renewable fuels, resulting in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. These reductions are linked to certificates issued to goods owners via a mass-balance setup. The sustainable marine fuels offered by GEODIS are supplied by the Dutch company GoodShipping, offering up to 90% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions compared to regular fossil fuels. The GoodShipping marine fuel is made from waste materials, such as used cooking oil.

Grundfos procures sustainable marine fuel via GEODIS, in aims to stimulate the supply chain and production of sustainable fuels . New collaborations and business models can arise, starting from the companies that collect and recycle waste materials, all the way to the refineries that produce the fuels, and the companies that transport and deliver it to harbours and ships. Equally important is the increase of capital investments in refineries and fuel technologies, which follow a rise in demand for sustainable marine fuels.

“The development of biofuel and alternative fuels is one of the policies underpinning GEODIS’ strategy to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. We have developed the possibility to include sustainable marine fuel, along with similar alternative fuels for air and road transport, in our freight service offers. Grundfos has already contributed to cutting more than 2000 tons of CO2 from its ocean shipping activity this year. Only demand from customers such as Grundfos can make this development possible” says Eric Martin-Neuville, EVP Freight Forwarding of GEODIS.

Source: GEODIS