GLS Italy and MHS to automate new international hub of Sordio

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GLS Italy has announced that specialist in advanced solutions for the automated handling of materials, engineering, equipment and software MHS will provide the company with the latest generation sorter for the new international hub in Sordio (Milan). MHS will be responsible for project management and the design, production, delivery, installation and commissioning of the new plant.

GLS said it has earmarked a significant investment to equip the plant with a high technological and automation standard that will allow it to sort over 22,500 packages per hour. According to the company, the hub will consist of three main sorting systems with a flow of interconnected material, capable of automatically sorting all the incoming parcels. Two HC-Loop systems (cross-belt sorter) sort the regular and small packs, while the third system conveys and manages the so-called irregular (non-standard) shipments. The plant was designed to accommodate possible future expansions following productivity increases or changes in operations.

GLS hopes that the technologies installed will make it possible to increase operational and production efficiency, guaranteeing a consolidation of the courier service.

Klaus Schädle, Group Area Managing Director of GLS Italy, commented: “Given the increase in international volumes, we believe that this project can represent a fundamental piece of our broader growth and development strategy that aims to position GLS Italy alongside small and medium-sized enterprises that export Made in Italy products abroad.”

Source: GLS