GLP signs 173,000 sq m of new leases with 3PL service providers


GLP has signed 173,000 sq m (1.9m sq ft) of new leases globally with 3PL service providers over the past three months. The customers are using the facilities to meet end-user demand ranging from the consumer goods, food, technology and life science industries.

In China, GLP signed 144,000 sq m (1.5m sq ft) of new leases with five customers including BEST Inc. and Suning, a high-tech online-to-offline retailer.

In Brazil, it signed 16,000 sq m (169,000 sq ft) to Ellece Logistica, a 3PL provider. The customer is using the facility to serve the food industry.

In the US, GLP signed 13,000 sq m (140,000 sq ft) to a new 3PL customer serving the technology industry.

Stephen Schutte, Chief Operating Officer of GLP, commented: “GLP’s modern logistics facilities are an important part of an efficient distribution network that adds value and drives higher service quality for our customers. The global shift towards e-commerce is changing the requirements for the location and design of logistics facilities and GLP has stayed at the forefront by anticipating and adapting to our customers’ changing needs; providing solutions instead of just properties.”

Source: GLP