Girteka launched new dedicated website for professional truck drivers

The driver shortage is not just a headline; it’s a serious issue that’s reaching critical levels. According to the IRU, there are more than 2.6m unfilled vacancies in the whole world and more than 380 thousand in Europe. The overall consequences of this situation may be even worse, as one-third of professional truck drivers will retire soon. Having in mind how supply chains are vulnerable to that kind of situation, Girteka has launched a new platform for drivers and future potential drivers to promote jobs as truck drivers and convince people to make first steps in the area, by joining its team.

A new website for drivers is in fact a platform that in the future will provide all relevant information about the possibilities of working as a truck driver. By providing deep and thorough information about the benefits of being a Girteka Driver, the platform will focus also on promoting the job as a truck driver, bringing closer the benefits of today’s reality of professional drivers.

Yet the idea of the platform is simple – to bring it through views, experiences, and knowledge of existing drivers, arguments for young generations, both male and female, to consider their career path as a professional truck driver.

“We’re in a unique position to offer both seasoned professionals and aspiring drivers a deep well of knowledge and opportunities. On one hand joining us as professional driver you can get various benefits, still focusing on improving his or her skills, on other hand newcomers have opportunity to learn under supervision of professionals. By sharing the expertise and knowledge, we are not just enriching individual careers; we’re contributing valuable insights to the entire logistics ecosystem,” – says Oksana Karpovičienė, Head of HR Expansion Department at Girteka Group.

The platform itself will be expanding in the upcoming months to provide relevant educational materials and tips and tricks for new and existing professional drivers. How to be physically well, how to maintain good physical conditions, how to change a tire, or find a proper parking place, as well as the newest digital solutions tests or changes in the law and requirements in each country in Europe – this is just a small piece what will be found there soon.

Additionally, skilled trainers from Girteka Group will share their knowledge and information to increase the quality of services that each driver provides. With easy-to-understand form, bilingual version, presented in simple text form, infographic, or video will tackle the needs of future employees of logistics companies, to have a comprehensive knowledge, understanding, and preparation to become professional truck drivers.

Girteka has been in news lately. Recently, Girteka Group expanded its sustainable transportation reach by establishing new multimodal transportation services from Finland to Germany. Also, Girteka expanded intermodal services from Sweden to Germany.

Source: Girteka