GeoPost strengthens its positions in Italy, Brazil and Russia

In Italy, GeoPost and BRT strengthen their partnership, whilst the company aims to merge its subsidiary DPD Russia with SPSR Express, and has acquired the Brazilian company JadLog.

GeoPost and BRT, with whom DPD has partnered for nearly 20 years, have renewed their cooperation agreement for the next five years. Further to the agreement, GeoPost acquired a 37.5% stake in the share capital of BRT on 16 January 2017.

In addition, GeoPost has requested authorisation from the Russian competition authority to merge DPD Russia with SPSR Express. According to GeoPost, SPSR Express constitutes the fourth-largest company in the Russian Express and Parcels market, following DPD.

Finally, GeoPost has sought to expand into South America for the first time by acquiring a 60% stake in the Brazilian express and parcels firm JadLog. In 2016, JadLog had a revenue of R$406m (€110m approx.), a 12.2% growth over the previous year. With 500 franchises installed in all regions, and an extensive road and air linehaul network, GeoPost states that JadLog constitutes the second-largest company operating in the Brazilian domestic market.

Source: GeoPost