Freightos expands international marketplace to the UK

The United Kingdom has been selected as the first new market for expanding the Freightos Marketplace, to be followed by a rollout into other major import/export hubs. Since its US launch in 2016, the Freightos Marketplace has provided instant freight comparison, booking, and management of freight services for thousands of US importers and exporters. 

The Freightos Marketplace uses pricing and routing algorithms, the world’s largest freight rate database, and a community of online sellers to provide customers with a rapid and transparent freight booking process.

“Our team’s been pursuing frictionless global trade for years and we’ve now reached the tipping point. By expanding to the UK, we’re making global freight easier for UK retailers, importers, manufacturers, and exporters,” said Zvi Schreiber, the UK-born CEO and founder of Freightos. “Pax Britannica paved the way for unprecedented global trade in the 19th century, triggering the gradual build-up to over $19 trillion dollars worth of goods imported and exported annually. Global trade has reached record heights. It’s now time to turn towards technology to help propel it even further.”

Source: Freightos