FourKites presents FourKites Academy


FourKites has announced the availability of FourKites Academy, a comprehensive training platform designed to help supply chain professionals advance in their careers and business goals with high-quality, industry-recognized training resources. In addition to offering a Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)-accredited course, the Academy helps customers and their extended ecosystem — including third-party logistics providers (3PLs), carriers, brokers and transportation management partners — keep pace with the company’s latest innovations and derive maximum value from the platform.

According to research from the 2023 MHI Annual Industry Report, hiring and retaining qualified workers is the top challenge for supply chain leaders, with 41% indicating that reskilling and training their workforce is key to preparing for future disruptions.

“Through FourKites Academy, we are empowering supply chain professionals with new skills and knowledge that will drive their professional and organizational growth,” said Priya Rajagopalan, Chief Product Officer at FourKites. “The Academy is one of the many ways we’re investing in customer support and success, making it easy for them to scale our company across their teams and organizations.”

Specific benefits of FourKites Academy include:

  • CSCMP accreditation: This accreditation highlights the company’s commitment to advancing learning within the supply chain community and providing high-quality, industry-recognized training resources.
  • Gamified learning: FourKites Academy is a fun and engaging learning experience. By incorporating a gamified approach, participants can challenge themselves, compete with colleagues and showcase their expertise. Points and badges earned throughout the training modules signify progress and represent career-building skills.
  • Scalable model: Learning paths are designed to keep pace with a rapidly changing ecosystem and evolving product suite. Participants can expect regular updates that reflect the latest features and functionalities of the company’s platform, ensuring that they always have the knowledge and skills to navigate the ever-changing supply chain ecosystem.

FourKites Academy is seamlessly integrated with the FourKites Community, which is a dynamic hub for customers and carrier partners. Within the community, visitors can engage in peer-to-peer networking, share best practices and influence the company’s product roadmap.

Source: FourKites