FourKites partners with cargonerds


FourKites announces a partnership with cargonerds to enhance the digital freight platform with its market-leading supply chain visibility data.

Germany-based cargonerds is Rohlig Logistics’s spin-off. It’s a software development company that serves small and medium-sized freight forwarders. In 2022, cargonerds moved 250.000 ocean shipments, 250.000 air shipments and 150.000 road shipments.

With FourKites’ data and machine learning-driven estimated arrival times, cargonerds can ensure that its freight forwarders and their customers can track products across the end-to-end supply chain and know exactly when they’ll arrive at their destination.

The integrated solution will track global shipments in real-time across the road, rail, ocean, air, parcel and last mile across the globe.

“FourKites has the largest global network of supply chain data and powerful machine learning on the planet,” says Conrad Franchi, founder of cargonerds. “Their end-to-end solution enables us to give our customers the most accurate ETAs (estimated time of arrivals) and greater network collaboration. Having the right data at the right time to identify precisely what can be done is the only path to proactively mitigating issues while reducing costs and fees.”

“Our technology is perfectly suited for logistics service providers, and we’re thrilled to partner with cargonerds to expand our footprint globally,” says Marc Boileau, FourKites’ Senior Vice President of Sales, Network & Operations EMEA. “FourKites’ digitised solution will eliminate manual tracking from cargonerds’ network of freight forwarders and customers, saving significant time and resources and enabling them to shift focus to higher-value tasks.”

Source: FourKites