Fedex Express launches cold-chain shipping solution in Asia Pacific

FedEx reusable packaging

FedEx Express has launched its temperature-controlled cold chain shipping solution, Medpak VI°C, in Asia Pacific. The Medpak VI°C solution is a high performance reusable thermal packaging.  

The packaging provides 96-hours temperature stability in case of unforeseen contingencies, a critical aspect for temperature-sensitive pharma shipments. The solution also comes fitted with SenseAware, a sensor-based device, which monitors the shipment location and conditions of the contents and will indicate any deviations from its ideal environment such as temperature, humidity, light exposure and shock events.

In Asia Pacific, Medpak VI°C is available to customers in Japan, Korea and Singapore.

Total healthcare spending is expected to surge to $2.27 trillion by 2026 and this has driven up the demand for healthcare logistics.  One of the key challenges faced by healthcare customers is the delivery of temperature-sensitive shipments.  Every year the global pharmaceutical industry suffers a loss of more than $15bn worth of products due to temperature variations during transit.

Karen Reddington, president of FedEx Express Asia Pacific, said: “The availability of the Medpak VI°C solution in Asia Pacific creates more possibilities for our healthcare customers with its ability to deliver in a cost-effective and consistent manner. Together with FedEx strong global network, this solution will provide customers greater convenience and peace of mind for shipping sensitive packages.”

Source: FedEx