Rhenus: European groupage freight traffic restructuring


Rhenus, the international logistics specialist, is restructuring its European road freight solutions for groupage cargo transport. Following successful testing in Germany, the new structure will be implemented across Europe from January 8, 2024. Through their Groupage Network 2.0 solution, Rhenus aims to offer customers shorter delivery times and increased departure frequencies, ensuring daily connections across the continent in aims to improve efficiency.

The restructuring aims to allow Rhenus to manage daily departures from every European region to any destination on the continent, regardless of the customer’s location. As global supply chains demand quicker transit times, Rhenus developed the Groupage Network 2.0 to provide daily collections and departures throughout Europe, expanding beyond previous services limited to highly industrialised areas. 

The restructured Rhenus groupage freight network will use a hub-based approach involving multiple countries, the process facilitates daily imports and exports. Shipments will be dispatched to the country gateway, acting as regional transshipment hubs, before moving to the central European hub for consolidation based on their destinations. Hilden, in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia, was strategically chosen as the central European hub for its proximity and efficiency, as stated by Carsten Hölzer, Rhenus Road Freight Managing Director.

 After a two-month testing phase, the Groupage Network 2.0 switch is set for a Europe-wide launch, aiming to decrease transit times by an estimated 34% compared to 2023.

Moreover, the daily service options allow integrating transport solutions with local warehouse and transshipment facilities, termed ‘Transport-Related Warehousing’ across European countries. This approach offers customers nearby warehouse capacity, facilitating flexible logistics operations that can easily scale up or down as required.

Source: Rhenus