Evri and Zedify partner on last-mile EV trial


Evri (formerly Hermes UK) has announced it is to trial pedal-powered electric vehicles, such as cargo bikes, with sustainable last-mile company Zedify.

The trial is taking place in Bristol in the UK to explore the impact on efficiency and carbon emissions, as well as the effect on reducing congestion and creating quieter, safer streets, and more liveable cities.

Evri and Zedify both reported that early data from the trial shows a 13% increase in efficiency, plus a 98% reduction in carbon in the final mile when delivered by bike compared to a traditional van delivery, aided by an increase in volume. The estimated carbon saving figure in the final mile would be 62kg of CO2e per week.

Chief operating officer at Evri Carl Lyon commented: “We’re exploring innovative delivery partnerships like this to see how they can play a role in our goal to create a network of sustainable delivery options to complement our current courier model. We already have the lowest carbon emission of any dedicated parcel delivery company and one of our company targets for the year is to introduce alternative zero-emission transport methods in our final mile. We’re excited by what we’ve seen so far and look forward to the results of this and other trials.”

Source: Parcel and Post Technology International