Evonik to use DHL risk management software

DHL has announced that the logistics arm of Evonik Technology and Infrastructure will use the DHL Resilience 360 platform to manage supply chain risk.

Evonik Technology and Infrastructure is a chemical sector service provider which operates 13 sites in Germany and Antwerp, Belgium, as well as offering services at numerous other sites worldwide.

DHL Resilience 360 provides real-time analysis of problems that vessels, trains or trucks can encounter along their transport routes after setting out from Evonik locations around the world.

When necessary, the software proposes countermeasures – such as whether and how the supply chain’s resources can be redistributed in order to minimise or completely avoid damage. In order to do this, the platform connects information regarding natural disasters and socio-political or other risks to Evonik’s global production and distribution network. This is partly done by using heat maps, which visualise the locations where problems may occur on various routes. DHL asserts that this makes tracking potential dangers much easier.

Evonik will primarily use Resilience 360 for evaluating potential dangers in road transport. The platform also serves as an early-warning system to guarantee a rapid response to unscheduled disruptions and to ensure that appropriate measures are implemented.

Source: Deutsche Post DHL Group