Emirates SkyCargo and Seafood Souq establish partnership for sourcing seafood in UAE

Emirates SkyCargo and Seafood Souq, a Dubai based start-up focused on sourcing of seafood, have entered into a partnership for transporting seafood shipments rapidly from source markets to customers. The first shipment of salmon destined to restaurants and consumers in the UAE arrived on 6 September 2019 in Dubai in the cargo hold of an Emirates flight from Glasgow and was the first consignment being transported for Seafood Souq.

The start-up has created an online B2B marketplace application that helps seafood buyers procure products from all over the world. According to Emirates, in addition to streamlining the traditional model of sourcing seafood, the application also allows for improved quality and traceability of the produce being transported, with the hope that there will be fewer instances of mislabelling and expiry of seafood.

Although the initial focus is on delivering fresh seafood from markets such as Norway, Cyprus, Chile, USA and Scotland to customers in the UAE and the Middle East, the start-up has plans to reach a global clientele by leveraging Emirates SkyCargo’s global network.

“Working with Emirates SkyCargo was an obvious choice for us. Their network, the frequency of flights offered, and their destination markets for seafood as well as their cool chain infrastructure and capabilities allow seafood to arrive fresh at destination” said Sean Dennis, CEO and Co-founder of Seafood Souq.

Dennis Lister, Emirates VP Cargo Commercial Development commented: “Our Emirates Fresh product is designed for the rapid and efficient transport of seafood and other perishables. With our modern aircraft and equipment including Emirates Fresh Cool Dollies, Emirates White Covers and a hub in Dubai with extensive cool chain facilities, we are well positioned to support Seafood Souq in their growth.”

Emirates SkyCargo transported over 400,000 tonnes of perishables across the world in 2018, including more than 70,000 tonnes of seafood. In 2018, some of the major origin markets for seafood included Norway, India, Sri Lanka, Uganda and the UK.

Source: Emirates SkyCargo