DP World launches CARGOES Logistics platform  

Uzbekistan has joined the World Logistics Passport, a private sector-led initiative designed to smooth the flow of global trade and improve market access.

DP World has announced the launch of its new digital logistics platform, CARGOES Logistics. The platform hopes to provide customers with a single-window solution for secure and efficient movement of their cargo.

The company stated that the platform delivers instant online cargo booking, highly efficient movement, and advanced tracking, from origin to destination. Chief Technology Officer Pradeep Desai stated: “The platform is a holistic solution powered by technology targeting all aspects of global trade including Finance, ERP, Tracking, Terminal Operating System, Customs software and enabling end-to-end logistics”. The platform is part of the company’s broader CARGOES software suite of products.

The platform aims to address complexities and inefficiencies that exist in global supply chains including multiple handovers, inefficient tracking, and limited visibility of a shipment across the supply chain. The company hope that the new platform will provide end to end visibility & predictability, an all-inclusive price with no hidden charges and highly efficient end to end digital experience and enhance transparency by providing deep tracking of cargo with real time insights.

According to DP World, customers can choose from multimodal logistics options, ship freight by sea, road, and/or rail. The company also reported that customers can get instant quotes, swift booking confirmation and multiple secure payment options. CEO and MD of DP World Rizwan Soomar commented: “The new digital solution will simplify the container shipping experience providing visibility across all modes of transportation through smart enablement of IOT based solutions”.

The first phase of the solution will be launched from India to multiple destinations across the Middle East, Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, the Far East and North Africa. The platform will also be launched from UAE to India. DP World stated they plan to eventually roll out the platform globally.

Source: DP World 



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