DHL launches Resilience360 transparency portal

DHL has launched the Resilience360 transparency portal, an online collaboration service which allows multinational companies to visualize their supply network, including first tier suppliers, their suppliers and so forth. By means of data collection via the Transparency Portal, customers are able to identify insights into their network. The service is available independently but can be combined with the risk assessment and incident monitoring solution of DHL Resilience360 and all participating suppliers in the network can instantly obtain access to those capabilities.

“Lack of transparency is a key weakness in many modern supply chains. Understanding the total supplier network of one’s own operations allows businesses to ensure compliance even on a regional level and limit reputational losses in case of disruptive events by recovering quicker. Subsequently, this also reduces insurance costs since there is more clarity on supply chain risks and single point of failures. Our new portal enables us to gain these insights quickly and at ease,” explained Jan Speich, Senior Manager Product Management DHL Resilience360, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.

The customizable platform allows customers to gather the relevant data in order to better assess their vulnerability to natural disasters, regulatory issues, concentration risks or political upheavals. It also offers pre-defined survey templates to individually design information requirements, for example on business continuity management as well as attained certifications, including Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) licenses, as an example.

Businesses can start collecting data from their first tier suppliers through the secure online tool, while the system automatically manages further iterations from subsequent supplier levels. Finally, the system also generates summary reports and allows users to scan through their data to identify risk hot spots.

“The digital footprint captured when a customer ships with DHL can be used to uncover multi-tier supply networks,” explained Tobias Larsson, Head of Resilince360, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation. “The DHL Resilience360 Transparency Portal gives organizations a simpler, faster and more effective way to collect the information they need to manage risks, ensure regulatory compliance and operate robust and resilient supply chains.”

Source: DP DHL Group