DHL invests €134m in a new hub at Copenhagen Airport

DHL Express has announced it will make its largest ever investment in Denmark and the Nordic countries with a new hub at Copenhagen Airport. The hub is expected to significantly improve the speed and quality of DHL Express’ activities in the region. The hub will be ready in 2023 and with new automated systems will enable DHL to handle nearly 37,000 packages per hour, 24 hours a day.

“We want to grow through quality. Therefore, we are investing significantly into the expansion of our infrastructure to increase efficiencies and to improve delivery capabilities. Our international hubs are the backbone of our global network which connects businesses from all industries and private customers alike, and enables them to benefit from the ongoing e-commerce growth,” commented John Pearson, Global CEO of DHL Express.

Packages to and from Denmark usually travel via the DHL hubs in Leipzig, Germany, or East Midlands, UK. However, once the new hub at Copenhagen Airport is built, planes will reach their destinations more directly and without additional stops along the way, translating into faster delivery.

“We are experiencing enormous growth in our cross-border online trade,” added Atli Einarsson, Managing Director of DHL Express in Denmark. “We are also preparing for our customers’ growth, including manufacturing companies within the pharmaceutical and fashion industries.” 

“The new investments here in Denmark and at other locations in our network are part of our global plan to promote our future growth, efficiency improvements in day-to-day operations, and the quality for which our customers choose us,” said Einarsson.

DHL Express’ new freight terminal will be located on a 43,116 sq m site in the eastern freight area of the airport, where a new Airport Business Park is in the works as well. The new 36,500 sq m hub (including warehousing and offices) almost quadruples the capacity of DHL Express in Brussels. At full capacity, the hub’s two automated sorting systems can process up to 42,000 packages per hour, making it the fifth largest hub in the global DHL network. It offers air and ground links to a broad number of European destinations, as well as direct intercontinental connections to the Americas, Middle East and Africa.

Source: DP DHL