DB Schenker signs cooperation agreement for eTrailers from Trailer Dynamics

DB Schenker and Lufthansa Cargo have launched a regular CO2-neutral freight connection from Europe to China.

DB Schenker signed a cooperation agreement with Trailer Dynamics and the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group on using eTrailers in European land transport.

“This agreement marks a further step in the electrification of land transport,” says Cyrille Bonjean, Executive Vice President of Land Transport for DB Schenker in Europe. “It is essential for us to look for new sustainable solutions that can be integrated into our daily business. With the eTrailer from Trailer Dynamics, we have obtained another promising model for the future.”

The electrified trailers of Trailer Dynamics have an electric drive train that makes it possible to support the drive of the tractor unit. A specially developed component uses a patented sensor system to determine the driving dynamics of the tractor-trailer combination. It then readjusts the eTrailer so that it can support the tractor unit. The electric drive train also allows energy to be recovered during braking.

As required, the trailers can be equipped with 300kWh, 450kWh, or 600kWh batteries. This can extend the range of electric tractors by up to 500 km, depending on the use, and also significantly reduce the fuel consumption of conventional diesel tractors. CO2 emissions can thus be reduced by 20%-40%.

The logistics provider will roll out these 2,000 eTrailers across its European network starting in 2024. 

Source: DB Schenker