CEVA Logistics wins fulfilment contract with fashion platform ABOUT YOU

CEVA Logistics

CEVA Logistics has announced that the company has won a five-year fulfilment contract with ABOUT YOU, one of Europe’s fastest-growing fashion platforms. CEVA will manage a new 40,000 sq m fulfilment operation in Wroclaw-Magnice, Poland, and will utilise its automation and technology capabilities.  

Under the terms of the long-term deal, the CEVA Logistics contract logistics team in Poland will be responsible for managing the new highly automated and technology-driven facility that will provide ABOUT YOU with the responsive logistics needed for its international expansion.

CEVA Logistics hope that the facility will bring business and economic benefits to local communities. Approximately 1,000 employees are currently being recruited and trained to support the warehouse’s 24-hour operations. By strategically locating the new fulfilment distribution center in Wroclaw-Magnice in southwestern Poland, CEVA Logistics stated that it can easily serve ABOUT YOU’s customers across numerous countries.

CEVA reported that ABOUT YOU and CEVA are committed to operating the new facility in a sustainable manner, with numerous solutions being implemented at the greenfield site, including solar panels for clean energy.

Managing director for Europe, CEVA Logistics, Peder Winther commented: “e-commerce continues to be a crucial catalyst in the fashion and apparel market segment. Our team’s industry expertise combined with our strong e-commerce and contract logistics capabilities will improve ABOUT YOU’s customer service through improved order fulfilment and shorter delivery lead times. The Wroclaw-Magnice site will showcase leading innovation and technology deployments as our team of roughly 1,000 employees delivers greater efficiency and value to ABOUT YOU’s customers.”

Source: CEVA