CEVA Logistics partners with Flying Tiger Copenhagen

CEVA Logistics has secured a strategic partnership with Flying Tiger Copenhagen, being selected as the exclusive road freight supply chain partner in the UK for the renowned retailer known for its quirky and innovative products. The collaboration marks a significant step forward for both companies in delivering exceptional products and services to customers. 

Flying Tiger Copenhagen is unequivocal in its commitment to conducting its business ethically, and environmental responsibility runs through its entire value chain, from warehousing to its stores and to the end of life for its products. CEVA Logistics will be tasked with reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring that the use of primary and plastic packaging is reduced. 

Low Carbon Ground Fleet 

With 12 hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) storage tanks and 210 vehicles using HVO in the UK, CEVA currently uses over 350,000 l of HVO per month, which equates to over 45 % of the total fuel used in the UK. A further eight tanks are due for installation over the coming months further increasing CEVA’s use of the biofuel. Indeed, CEVA used over 2.8m l of HVO in 2022 and has used over 3.2m l so far in 2023.  

CEVA Logistics is also actively installing 14kWh electric vehicle chargers in 22 sites for cars and vans. Three sites will receive 22kWh+ chargers and further sites are being surveyed for high-capacity commercial vehicle chargers. In addition, CEVA has completed the trial of an 18-tonne electric vehicle in a ground and rail network site, with further trials and long-term EV transitions planned over the next six months. 

The investment in sustainable initiatives is part of a process of continuous improvement. The CEVA team will constantly monitor the Flying Tiger Copenhagen flows to ensure optimised operations, especially in relation to the evolution of the client’s real estate footprint. This continuous process extends across all operational touch points to ensure mutual benefits to both partners, and support CEVA’s resilient operational performance. 

Amie Costello, commercial manager UK and Ireland, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, said: “CEVA Logistics has proved to be a reliable logistics provider since day one. Ahead of our first deliveries, site visits were completed to all our stores ensuring a smooth transition and CEVA has since adapted to our changing business needs here at Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Communication has been strong and feedback from the stores has been positive. During the first three months, we have had two very successful new store setups and implemented two separate delivery schedules ahead of our busy trading period. We are very excited to see how this partnership evolves in the coming months.” 

Paul Farr, managing director, Ground & Rail, CEVA Logistics, said: “The passion, commitment and resilience of the Ground & Rail team at CEVA Logistics is what underpins our promise of ‘Responsive Logistics’. We are delighted to be partnering with Flying Tiger Copenhagen, and through a very successful implementation, we continue to deliver high levels of customer service and operational performance. I believe this is reflective of how well both businesses have worked together from the outset of the project, and as a result, our partnership continues to grow. Furthermore, we will continue acting to build a more sustainable model through integrating more EVs and HVO-powered vehicles across our fleets and product lines.” 

Source: CEVA Logistics